About BioGaia

BioGaia is an innovative healthcare company and world leader in the area of probiotics. It currently employs 124 team members in its offices in Sweden, the USA, and Japan.

Founded in 1990, BioGaia draws upon a wealth of experience in the development, marketing, and sales of probiotic products and enjoys an expansive network of independent researchers and experts, manufacturing specialists, and distribution partners across the globe. Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries recommend BioGaia products to their patients.

All BioGaia products contain Limosilactobacillus reuteri, a strain of probiotic bacteria that helps to restore harmony to the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract. As one of the few bacteria that has co-evolved with humans from the beginning, Limosilactobacillus reuteri can survive in the human organism and naturally colonize there. BioGaia’s mission is to successfully contribute to supporting the health and wellbeing of those with digestive or oral health problems with clinically-proven and user-friendly probiotic products that make a real difference. For further information visit www.biogaia.com.

About Ewopharma

Ewopharma is an innovative partner for the marketing of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products in Central Eastern Europe and Switzerland.

The company has been active in the region for over 60 years now. Over this time, Ewopharma has gained extensive knowledge of these markets and earned a high standing in the local markets there. Ewopharma represents regional and international pharmaceutical partners as their exclusive licensee and distributor and covers all aspects of market access and commercialization of ethical pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. The company employs more than 350 highly qualified staff in over 15 countries. For further information visit www.ewopharma.com.

Ewopharma AG

Vordergasse 43

8200 Schaffhausen

Tel:+41 (0)52 633 09 99



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