Take with caution

If a child is suffering from a bacterial infection, a doctor might prescribe antibiotics to get them back to health quickly. While antibiotics play a key role as medicine for such infections, it is important to take them seriously, especially when taken by children and teenagers.

Parents should ensure that the course of medication is taken in line with the package instructions and look out for the side effects listed there. In addition, children and teenagers should only take antibiotics when a doctor deems it necessary to get them back to health. Unnecessary and excessive use of antibiotics could damage the microbiota resulting in imbalance and could also lead to antibiotic resistance.

Effect on the gut

Antibiotics are extremely good at what they do – killing bad bacteria or preventing them from multiplying so that the body can defend itself.

Unfortunately, they also target good bacteria, which can affect the intestinal tract and lead to other problems with the digestive system such as diarrhoea, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. If a course of antibiotics is necessary for a child, then it can be helpful to support their body with lactic acid bacteria during this time.

Food supplements such as those by BioGaia may help to increase the number of good bacteria and restore balance in the gut during a course of antibiotics.

Infection Protection

During this time of their lives, children are constantly experiencing new things and embarking on new adventures. New surroundings, new friends, new experiences - every day, children see and learn something new. As they make their way through school, their bodies are continuously confronted with new microbes.



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